Pivot Tables

Pivot tables are a great tool for creating a quick summary of your data.  Here's an example to get you started on using Pivot Tables.  

Pivot table sample data.png

Above is the sample data that I will use to create the pivot tables. You can download this file, too.  If you are using your own data be sure to include a unique label at the top of each column.  Tip: Excel does not allow blank columns but you can keep the blank column as long as you enter a column name such as "Blank".

Pivot table1-1.png
pivot table1-2.png

Tip: If your data has 1 row of headers you can click on any cell within your data instead of highlighting all of your data

pivot table1-3.png
pivot table1-4.png
pivot table1-5.png
pivot table1-6.png
pivot table 1-8.png
Pivot table2.png
pivot table3.png