Sign a PDF

Did you know that you can add your digital signature to a PDF using the free version of Adobe?  This is a much better alternative than printing a document, signing it and then scanning the document. 

Below is the basic process.  Additional features and options are also available.

Open your document in Adobe.  Select the Sign menu, Fill & Sign 

PDF sign1.png


Click on the icon to Sign.  Click Add Signature.

Note: If you have already used this feature, you'll find your signature in the dropdown list

PDF sign3.png


You have 3 options for adding your signature. 

1) Type your name and it will display in a cursive font. Note: You have a couple of font options.

2) Draw your signature using your mouse or a touch screen on the blue line.

3) Import a scanned image of your signature that is saved as a png, jpg or bmp file

PDF sign4.png


After you click Apply you will be able to move your signature to the desired location and you can resize, as needed.

You can also add Text to your document.  Click on the document where you want your text to appear.  If it doesn't automatically switch to a Text icon select it from the menu bar

PDF sign2.png


When you have finished you will need to Save your document with a new name (File Menu, Save As).  I suggest appending the word signed to the file name.