Favorite Tips & Tricks

I'm always seeking more efficient ways to do things and I pride myself on creating documentation in an understandable format.  Here are some examples that you may find helpful  Give these a try and reach out to me with questions or comments.

For the experienced Excel User

Excel date calculations: Have you ever wished that you could simplify date calculations? Excel has many functions that you might not be familiar with. You can add a month(s) to a date with EDATE, find the last date of a month with EOMONTH, calculate the number of months or years between two dates with DATEDIF and find the number of work days between two dates NETWORKDAYS.  Learn More

Excel find and remove duplicates:  Use conditional formatting to quickly find duplicates.   Learn how to easily remove the duplicates, too. Learn More

Explore summarizing data with Excel

Excel Pivot Tables: Pivot Tables allow a user to quickly summarize their data.  I can show you how to build a quick pivot table and add some basic formatting.  Learn More

Named Ranges: A named range is an alias for a cell or group of cells.  They make it easier to build and maintain formulas.  I used Named Ranges in my SUMIFS example.  Learn More

SUMIFS:  If you want more control over the format of your data summary, check out my example using SUMIFS.  Learn More

Excel column/row grouping:  When you have a big spreadsheet, you can Hide columns/rows, but grouping is an easy to use, more powerful feature.  It allows the user to to quickly consolidate and expand data.  Learn More

Excel Filters:  Have you ever downloaded data and then struggled to use the data?  Learn how to add filters and view a subset of your data.  Learn More

Google Sheets - Not as powerful as Excel but great for situations where multiple people are adding or updating data

Google Sheet Edit History: Have you ever wondered who edited a cell?  It's as easy as right clicking on a cell and selecting "Show Edit History".  Or, if you want to see a previous version of the entire spreadsheet select the File Menu, then Version History.   Learn More

Edit History.png

Google Sheet Filters: Do you want to be able to filter data without impacting other users?  Try Filter Views.  For example you might have a google sheet that tracks projects but you want to only view your tasks while others want to view their tasks.  Learn More

Add a signature to a PDF

Signatures on PDFs: Do you want to be able to add a digital signature or text to a PDF without printing your document and scanning?   Learn More


Gmail searching: Have you ever struggled to find an email? 

(1) You probably already know how to use Basic search. 

(2) If you click on the small drop down arrow you will find many more options that let you search for an email from a specific user with a specific subject. 

And, still more options like is:starred and newer_than:2d  Learn More



Read and Respond to Texts on a Windows PC:  Have you ever wished that you could respond to a text from your PC or download content in a text to your PC?  There's an easy solution.  Learn More